In - (+571 7209621 - 3157884141 BOG - CO) we are able to offer a broad portfolio of services allowing us to be a comprehensive Communication Office.


External communication and press relations. We generate solutions in the dissemination and publication of information in the media about your company, products and services. We create specialized and general contents and identify their needs, accordingly, putting together a plan of action according to a profile of the media (media agendas, press releases for press conferences as well the issue warrants, travel and familiarization events, brochures to customers and other ...


Media production.. develop print and web. We manage and produce content. We design and print web pages broshures, Flyers, Presentation Folders, Displays, Manuals, Posters. We manage and support communities contained in all our campaigns across the web means your business, from your business cards to corporate material production of your company! (magazines, websites, brochures, flyers ...) Among the pages that we have developed:



Internal Communication. Work in information and outreach solutions as the audiences you want to reach with content of its brands, businesses and services: internal and external customers, media, events …

Public Relations: We set agendas for their spokesmen either with media and / or journalists, either with characters or opinion leaders and generate new business opportunities for your brand. Develop actions to promote good relations between your brand / company and journalists ...


We are the image of their brand ... Production events. Logistics, monitoring and implementation thereof. We are able to organize all types of commercial, corporate, personal and / or family events: Events, meetings, exhibitions, training sessions ... Contact Us.